Hire for Fit

The POWER of Work Integrated Learning

So, what exactly IS work-integrated learning?

When we brainstormed our idea for this program, we wanted to ensure that our students could keep their job working in the dental office they love. We also wanted to ensure that students new to the dental industry could be placed into a dental office while taking our program.


To date, we have enrolled students that currently work in a dental office, and others who don't. We assist our learners in finding a dental office placement for either employment or volunteer hours (minimum of 14-hours per week). This is a win-win for the employer and the student! Our students continue in their current roles within the dental office while learning the dental assisting curriculum in the program. It is designed to compliment a work schedule, so that students can maintain a work-life balance. Feedback from the dental community has been incredible, as employers from remote areas (and larger cities) get to keep their staff while they gain their certification (primarily online).


Canada Job Grant

Dental offices from across Canada can leverage the Canada Job Grant, reducing tuition fees for students while they maintain their employment and study at the same time! Email cthurlow@risiodental.com for more information and an application 'guide'.


Forward Thinking!

We recently joined a collaboration call with Alberta Advanced Education.
The call was planned to discuss the future of education in Alberta, and the 10-year strategic plan from the Ministry of Education.

Increased 'work-integrated learning' was a top priority on the strategic plan, forecasted for 2030. In addition to this, lowering the cost of education to learners was paramount. Education should be accessible to everyone, and that is exactly why we created our Dental Assistant Distance Delivery Diploma Program.

Our students graduate with an Alberta Advanced Education Diploma following successful completion of our program. We are proud to say that we are ahead of the curve with the government's Strategic Plan. Our passion for dental assisting and access to education is evident in our program, and we are thrilled to be a part of the 'plan'!