Frequently Asked Questions

What does the program cost?

Application Fee- (waived at this time)

Tuition Fee- $12,500 total- includes clinical modules (a deposit of $300 is required to hold your place in the Program, following formal acceptance into the Program; full remaining Term 1 payment required by day one of the Program)

-The total fee of $12,500 will be divided between Term 1 and Term 2

-Term 1 fee= $7,500

-Term 2 fee= $5,000

$310- Approximate textbooks

$400- Approximate professional dues & licensing fees in the student’s said jurisdiction

$700- NDAEB Written Exam

$180- Approximate fee for proctored exams adminstered by Examity Online Proctoring

I love the program but I can't afford it. Are there alternatives?

The Canada-Alberta Job grant is a training opportunity that may result in an employer receiving up to $10,000 to assist with training an employee. Find more information on this program here: https://www.alberta.ca/canada-alberta-job-grant.aspx

What are the prerequisties and how can I apply?

The Risio Institute criteria for admission: Students may apply by completing an online application form, paying the required application fee of $45 and providing their high school transcripts: English 30-1 (minimum 60%), English 30-2 (minimum 70%) required + One of either Science 30, Chemistry 30, or Biology 30 (minimum 60% required) Students may apply as a mature-status student (without high school transcripts and the above designated grades). These students will be required to take an online assessment test prior to enrollment consisting of a multiple-choice exam and short essay to assess reading and writing comprehension. Directors of the Program will review the online application and requirements to determine eligibility in the Program. When eligibility into the Program is determined, the ‘ALBERTA STUDENT ENROLLMENT CONTRACT FOR LICENSED VOCATIONAL TRAINING’ will be sent to the student to complete, along with the ‘Program Policy Manual’. This policy manual must be fully read prior to signing the student enrollment contract. Once the completed enrolment contract has been received by the Risio Institute, students will be sent a formal acceptance letter into the Program. Students will then be asked to submit their payment of $300.00 to hold their spot in the Program. Students are required to submit Immunization records of the recommended immunizations. See below for additional immunization information. Students are required to submit the completed ‘Work Integrated Learning Form’ (signed by their sponsoring dentist) showing that they are employed or volunteering at a dental office for a minimum of 14 hours per week while enrolled in the Program. Students are required to submit the completed 'Testing Centre Proctor Form' with confirmation of their approved test proctoring site. Students are required to submit a Criminal Record Check/Vulnerable Sector Check Students are required to submit proof of CPR- Level HCA completion

How can I get more information?

Send us an email, we would love to connect with you! info@risioinstitute.com

How long will it take to complete the program?

Approximately 2 years to complete.

How can I be certain this program is being lead by dental industry professionals?

Carey Thurlow is a Registered Dental Assistant with 19+ years in the dental industry. Carey recently completed her MBA through the University of Roehampton and shares her passion of the dental industry and business administration alike. Carey previously Chaired a successful dental assisting program in Calgary, while also facilitating in the program. Seeing her students achieve success is just one of Carey's many missions! Casey Sharp is a Registered Dental Assistant with 17+ years in the dental industry. Casey completed an eLearning certificate program through the University of Calgary to gain expertise in designing and creating online learning programs. Casey worked alongside Carey at a successful dental assisting program in Calgary and facilitated students in the clinical and theoretical environment. Casey's passion is witnessing the outcomes of the students in the program! Instructors in the program are required to have a minimum of 5 years experience in the dental industry and must be Registered Dental Assistants. All theory instructors must also have completed the Adult Educator Certificate.

What are the recommended immunizations for the program?

According to the ADA&C, immunizations substantially reduce both the number of Dental Health Care Providers (DHCP) susceptible to infectious diseases and the potential for disease transmission to other DHCP and patients.

All DHCP should be adequately immunized against:

• Hepatitis B;

• Measles;

• Mumps;

• Rubella; (mandated under Public Health Act)

• Varicella;

• Influenza; and

• Diphtheria, tetanus.

*Updates to the immunization recommendations for Health Care Workers may be accessed on the ADA&C website.

According to the ADA&C, Dental Health Care Providers are at an increased risk of acquiring hepatitis B in an occupational setting. Therefore, all DHCP must be assessed regarding their immunity to hepatitis B, and be provided hepatitis B immunization by their employer, if required.


If I am unsuccessful on a test or evaluation, can I retake it?

Students will be given one rewrite per exam. Additional rewrites may be requested in writing to the Program Instructor/ Tutor. All circumstances will be reviewed by the Directors on an individual basis. Student will be notified of the decision in writing.

Course extensions may be requested in writing to the Program Instructor/ Tutor. All circumstances will be reviewed by the Directors on an individual basis. Student will be notified of the decision in writing.

What is the pass grade in each course?

In order to achieve a passing grade in each module, students must prove active engagement in the online learning activities (worth 20% of the grade) and achieve 75% on all final examinations. A rubric is provided to guide the student in the engagement and assessment of the learning activities.

Is there an online instructor available to help me?

Yes, there are available scheduled tutoring sessions online for all students who wish to attend.

Can I apply for a Student Loan?

Yes! The Institute received eligibility from Student Aid Alberta and Federal Student Aid for their students to apply for funding for the 2-year program! Interested applicants can email info@risiodental.com for more information on the student funding application process.

Is the Risio Institute Dental Assistant Distance Delivery Program an Accredited Program?

Risio Institute is approved and licensed through Alberta Advance Education- Private Career Colleges Branch. The Institute has applied to the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC) and we expect an accreditation survey visit to take place in 2022! Dental Assisting schools in Alberta must be Accredited, so this is a mandatory process that we are required to complete.

Are the students that graduate from the Institute eligible to write the NDAEB written exam?

Yes, the Insititute was successfully evaluated by the National Dental Assisting Examining Board and has been granted 'written exam exligibility' for all students who successfully complete the program.

Do I need to take the NDAEB Clinical Practice Evaluation upon completion of the program?

Until the Institute receives its Accredited Status, students are required to take the NDAEB CPE. The Institute will cover the cost of the inital CPE for students who are required to complete this step (prior to the Insitute receiving Accredited Status) in order to become licensed dental assistants.

What are the benefits of Online Learning?

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