Risio Institute Patient Care Clinic

We are excited to offer dental appointments at no charge to our community, while our students gain valuable learning experiences, first-hand. Throughout the Patient Care Clinic, our dentist will see each patient to determine their eligibility for the upcoming procedures.


Variables that determine eligibility are discussed with each patient prior to beginning the procedures. Patients may be prescribed digital X-rays, sealants, desensitizing, coronal polishing and topical fluoride.
Patients benefit from taking a copy of their digital X-rays, which is a potential savings of over $200 at a dental clinic. 

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Patient Care Clinic Appointment

Happy Patient

“You are doing a fantastic job with a wonderful program, my experience was amazing. I didn't expect half of the things I received. Dana was amazing and very thorough, Dr. David was friendly and good at his job and Casey is always amazing. I would be more than happy to come back anytime.”

— Candice, Patient


"I was excited to have the opportunity to be a patient for Risio Institute. The staff and students were beyond professional and my experience was very informative. I will definitely go back!"

— Christine, Patient