Online Dental Assistant School 


Welcome, and congratulations on taking the next step to gaining the credentials required for a new career in dental assisting!


Risio Institute Dental Assistant Distance Delivery Diploma Program is licensed through Alberta Advanced Education and offers students Canada-wide an opportunity to access and complete their education from remote areas. The mission of the program is to educate individuals through the latest technology in interactive distance learning theory modules and state-of-the-art clinical modules. Our vision is to recognize, build, and deliver a program that educates individuals who may not have access to full time education. Through this online education, dental offices across the country have access to enrolling their team with ease, knowing they will have consistent support for a higher success and completion rate.


Choosing a distance delivery model of learning requires a high level of discipline, while still enjoying the dynamics of a consistent ‘life’ schedule! Your dedication to your learning will assist you in succeeding in an online education environment, while your instructors’ commitment to your education will aid in fostering and developing your learning habits. Together, we will partner to develop a successful and skilled dental professional who will contribute to the profession of oral health care.

We want to personally thank you for your interest in our program, and we want to invite you to join our learning ‘team’, as we guide you through this experience.


Carey-Ann Thurlow, Co-founder of the Institute and Chief Executive Officer, is the talent behind curriculum content and business management.


Casey Sharp, Co-founder of the Institute and Chief Operating Officer, is the talent behind our creative online e-learning content. 

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